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This website is operated by Sellem Industries Limited whose details are as follows

Country of Incorporation: England and Wales

Company Number: 11769112

Registered office: 207 Regent Street, W1B 3HH – London

The information contained on this website are for illustrative purposes only. Their provision does not create a business or professional services relationship.

Unless otherwise states, all rights in any content which appears on this website (including, without limitation, the publication displayed on the website, the screen displays, the text, graphics, and look and feel of the website) belongs to Sellem Industries Limited or its licensors.

The Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Transfer of Funds Regulations (Information on the Payer) 2017 require independent certain organisations to verify the identity of their clients and, where the client is an entity, to identify, and in some cases to verify, the natural person/s who is/are its ultimate beneficial owner/s. Sellem Industries Limited may apply these rules and this means that we may ask a client (or persons or organisation who instruct us on a client’s behalf) for the passport and other identification documents and information about our client’s wealth and source of funds. We may obtain relevant information from external organisations, including credit reference agencies, who may keep a record of the search. Where our client is an entity (or where a person or organisation instructs us on behalf of an entity which is our client) we may ask for a structure chart and for confirmation of who the natural person/s is/are who ultimately beneficially own more than 25 per cent of our client. We will seek this information at the outset of our business relationship, although we may need to update it during the course of our ongoing business relationships.

We may either decline or not be permitted to act or handle funds until our client due diligence checks are complete. Where we instruct other professionals, such as law firms, on a client’s behalf, we may provide the other professional with copies of our client due diligence, unless specifically instructed not to.

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